TRX Core Reform

Strength, Balance + Core

TRX aka Total Body Resistance Exercise. Get in shape with an energetic mix of strength training, cardio, and pilates.

Develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability in our TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Core Reform class. Incorporating TRX with pilates exercises allows you to train comfortably with less risk of injury with low impact. An upbeat, versatile, energetic 60 mins of strength training, cardio and resistance drills that burn fat and improve endurance. TRX adds variety to everyday exercises like lunges and pushups while building core muscles.

With over 300 possible exercises, TRX keeps working out from becoming stale and repetitive. It’s great for runners and cyclists and can be used in yoga practice to assist in more difficult poses like headstands and backbends. We love it infused with a pilates twist which takes it even further incorporating breathing, concentration, and coordination.

Our instructors are trained and enthusiastic. They will happily provide modifications for any fitness level.

Join us for a full-body workout at TRX Core Reform!

First class at Fit Philosophie is free so grab a friend and get sweating!
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