Sound Off Silent Fitness Classes

What is Sound Off™?

Sound Off Cincinnati is powered by Sound Off Co and works closely with instructors and studio owners to enhance special events by adding a unique audio experience.

Our noise-isolating, LED headsets make amplified sound audible to each attendee while eliminating external distractions. Attendees have complete control over their experience as they can adjust the volume to their own perfect level.

Types of Sound Off Classes

Wellness & Mindfulness

Sound Off wireless headphone technology enhances any wellness event including meditation classes, mindfulness retreats, spiritual practice sessions, private retreats, events, and collaborations with other partners.

We are able to tailor participants’ audio experience to complement your event vision. The Sound Off experience is restorative, relaxing, and leaves participants refreshing and looking forward to the next event.

Sound Off audio technology eliminates external distractions by providing a soundscape of only music and the instructor’s voice. Each participant can adjust their own volume making it a perfect fit for all abilities and ages.


Sound Off headphones let nothing come in between you and your sweat session. Our wireless technology fits equal parts secure and comfortable as the instructor’s voice streams perfectly over a curated soundscape.

No matter where you stand in any space, our noise-isolating headsets eliminate distractions and help you amp up your cardio routine. Warm-up the right way, master the moves and supercharge your metabolism with this sensational, sweaty experience.

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