Challenging and Engaging

A safe and innovative mind-body exercise system.

Pilates conditions the body through lengthening and stretching movements. Pilates is a synthesis of calisthenics, yoga and ballet that improves flexibility, muscle tone, strength and balance. Major muscle groups are balanced and the mind is focused through breathing and body awareness exercises. From beginner to advanced, we offer a variety of pilates classes at Fit Philosophie.

Our studio is furnished with the latest in pilates props and equipment including reformers, jump boards, towers, chairs, arcs, and MOTR. See below for examples of our studio equipment offerings and sign up for a class.

We’ll work together to meet your fitness and health goals. First class at Fit Philosophie is free!

Benefits of Pilates

We offer a variety of pilates classes ranging from Intro to Pilates, designed to acquaint the beginner with proper use of equipment and props, to Advanced Pilates and everything in between!

Fusion classes like Yoga and Pilates Stretch, TRX and Pilates: Core Reform, and Bounce: Pilates and Rebounding integrate the best techniques from a variety of disciplines and practices to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Integrating a pilates practice into your lifestyle will improve your physical health and mental well being not to mention its always challenging, engaging, and fun. Our instructors are committed to individualized instruction and making each class impactful. Pilates is a versatile practice and can be modified to suit all levels and abilities.

  • Strength building without excess bulk
  • Full body exercise
  • Gentle, low-impact exercise
  • Flexible system allows for modifications
  • Improves posture
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Creates even and balanced muscular strength
  • Improves control and concentration
  • Elongates the body safely
  • Tones body
  • Teaches the body to move effectively
  • Improves core control
  • Improves muscle elasticity
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Creates evenly balanced musculature

Fit Philosophie’s Pilates Equipment

A Quick Overview of What to Expect

Grace, Posture & Well-Being

Develop your body’s innate gracefulness, improve coordination and posture, engage your core, lengthen your body and relieve back pain. Whatever your goal for integrating a pilates practice into your life, the benefits are multifold – you will see improvements in not only your physical body, but in your mental and emotional well being. A regular pilates practice is integral to keeping the body injury free. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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