Fun, Dance Based Cardio Workout

Non-Stop Cardio & Strength for all Fitness Levels

Balletone™ was designed for a wide range of fitness levels, ages, and bodies, complete with progressions so those new to Balletone™ feel successful their first time and seasoned fitness enthusiasts will always feel challenged.

Building from the Best of Ballet

Like classical ballet, the Balletone™ program provides a foundation for healthier posture, improved body alignment, increased balance, development of joint strength, and precise control of the body.

Fusing Pilates & Overall Fitness

Balletone™ takes influences from Pilates through centering and flowing transitions that are gentle and slow, with no jarring movements. Additionally, Balletone™ fuses the best of fitness through movement in multiple planes, movement coordination, and focus on strength, aerobic endurance, and flexibility.